15 October 2013

T.W.O. - Seaweed & Gravel CB750 'Babe Blue'

Seaweed & Gravel can mostly be summed up by calling them a surf and vintage motorcycle shop out of Leucadia, California. They a relatively new outfit of bike builders, yet they've had a few builds get some notoriety previously, namely a CB550 affectionately dubbed 'Little Bastard' that got a fair bit of magazine space in the States. This 1973 CB750 is a build between S&G and Brady Young that was a year in the making.  Clearly there is a lot of custom work and great attention to detail throughout the bike. The inverted forks with wire wheels, a stripped down frame keep the bike looking tidy, the 'race number'  incorporated into that great looking seat & headstock and the concealed oil tank. Perfectly minimalist and very well done.
Seaweed & Gravel describes themselves as 'a retail extension of the collective conscious on non-confirming-never-grow-up-weirdos. New and vintage apparel, surfboards, customer & vintage motorcycles, boots, bonsai trees and more...'  The bonsai's are curious items to sell next to bespoke bikes, but one can appreciate the unique mindset allied to the simplicity and attention to detail for sure. 
It's for sale too; check here for more details, then call your bank manager.

- Mr Fabulous

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