8 May 2015

BMW Celebrates 40 Years Of The 3 Series

I have an admission to make, and it may sounds a little like an alcoholic admitting to his addiction, but here goes.
I own a BMW. To be more specific, I've owned five and still own three.
But don't worry, sport fans; I'm not one of those sales reps buzzing up and down the motorways in a late-model 318, barging slower cars out of the overtaking lane while paying only lip service to the indicator stalk. I'm talking about the E21 and E30 models; I still have two E21 projects and an E30 awaiting my love. The earlier models were always great cars to own and drive, and now people are cottoning on to that; prices of even the unloved E21 are on the rise and it surely won't be long before the E36 joins them. And while I haven't driven any variant of the latest F30 yet, I can say that having spent some considerable time behind the wheel of an E90 320d a while back, BMW have not lost their knack of creating a great driver's chassis.
And to celebrate 40 years of the 3er, BMW have made this little tribute video to their sporting saloon that could. While it is a little mawkish in the way in-house promotional videos usually are, its well worth watching for the gorgeous footage of the E21 and E30. Enjoy.

- Amazosan

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