27 May 2015

Wheels Day Week: BMW-Powered 105E - The Misfit

Word & pics: Amazosan

'Misfit, misfit, freak that's on the street' went the chorus of a certain song in the 1980's. Its also a fitting line for this car, as it sure ain't no beauty queen. But boy, does it get your attention.
What is it exactly? Well it is wearing a Ford Anglia 105E body; chopped channeled and sporting some trick mods to the rear, but there ain't no mistaking that reverse rake rear window. The '59 Caddy rear lights and oh-so-cool centre brake light are the finishing touches to the body mods.
I'm guessing that theres a scratch-built chassis supporting it too judging by the front rails, or maybe a modified Pop chassis. This car possibly has a world first to its name; I can't honestly think of another car with a Pop front axle (or grill for that matter) with transverse front leaf spring and a BMW M42 engine; 140bhp must be a right hoot in a car that looks like it's a lightweight.
For all of its eyeball-grabbing exterior the, interior steals the show for me. A 105E dashboard rubs shoulders with a scratch-built flat floor and prop tunnel, while the ally work is sublime; the door panels, bomber seats, foot rest, gear stick and handbrake are all things of beauty. And I'm guessing that the steering column and wheel were pilfered from the Pop too; all in all an odd, inspired combination of parts with some imagination and a lot of craft mixed in for good measure. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

- Amazosan

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