26 May 2015

Wheels Day 2015, (1/2)

Words & pictures: Amazosan

Rushmoor Arena, Rushmoor rd, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 1PZ.

Now back at its spiritual home after the events of last year's show at Dunsfold Aerodrome, the show was now the victim of its old nemesis, the weather. Despite that and a half-empty field, it was still a great show for the spectator.

Part 2 of the show pictures later in the week.

- Amazosan

1955 Buick Century:

AMC Hornet Sportabout:

We've posted pics of these Opus (Opi?) before, but its well worth another look:

You probably noticed the cool fire extinguisher expansion tank on this Rover V8-powered Minor, but did you clock the extended wheelbase? behind the front wheels?

Some Unimog love:

Carmichael Commando Range Rover 6x4 Rapid Intervention Appliance, to give this Strange Rover its full title:

This custom Dodge van looks like it just rolled off the pages of Truckin' magazine, circa 1975:

Lovely Model A runs a period flathead four:

1940 Ford pick up with unknown grill, looks neat:

1946 Plymouth coupé:

Hammered '52 Chevy coupé:

1939 Pontiac DeLuxe four door touring sedan:

1945-1947 Ford pick up:

Gorgeous '29 Model A, Veda Spec knock-off style hubcaps:

Home grown Pro Streeters; Cortina and Super Snipe:

Hemi-powered '34 Coupé:

Not one, but two 1958 Ford Custom 300s:

Blower and flames:

Bird bird bird, bird is the word:

Tough as nails 1950 Nash Statesman:

Finally, a Suzuki Vitara we like!

Rare Karmann T25 Gypsy camper:

Couldn't stop looking at this 1959 Cadillac Series 61 sedan:

Stickerbombing - You're doing it right:

Volkswagen type 181; the type 182 (the RHD version) was known as the Trekker in the UK:

Bike engine in a MKII; different:

1967 Ford Ranchero:

Type II, times two; just how rare are those VW-PCD turbo Vecs? Oh and for the record, we like it:

'So wheres the engine, mate?'

'Its alright, I've found it!'

Speaking or rare wheels, original Appliance wire mags rare enough for ya?

Chevy CST/10:

Aussie Ford Falcon XP had a couple of surprises under (and over) the bonnet...

...two socking great Holset turbos.

 I didn't get closer to take the third pic, the turbos were sucking me in:

1936 Chevrolet sedan:

1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit; based on the Ford Mustang platform!

1967 Chrysler Newport:

And another Chrysler (sorta): the Simca 1204 named after the 1204cc engine. Oriiginal thinking on the name, chaps:

Part 2 on Sunday.

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