8 July 2015

Cummins 4BT-Powered 1986 Suzuki SJ410- Whirling Derv-ish

No doubt this car will prove to be divisive for a few of you, but bear with me, its quite a likeable car. It may look like a Suzuki SJ410 (known as a Suzuki Samurai in the US), but the body sits on a scratch-built chassis with Chevy S10 front and rear clips, with nitrogen charged airbags getting the SJ close to Mother Earth.
But even if it didn't have 'bags to get it that low no doubt the engine could do the job quite capably itself. That hunk of derv debonairness is a Cummins 4BT four cylinder engine, part of the B Series family of  four and six diesel engines. Usually at home in pickup trucks, buses, step vans, military vehicles, construction equipment, and marine use, it displaces 3.9 litres and comes with the Holset turbo already attached. Weighing in at nearly 800lbs, it no wonder the rest of the pint-sized SJ had to be widened and re-engineered to take it.
Good thing that engine is there too; it would no doubt take your mind of the interior, which is probably more wooden than Sly Stallone reciting Shakespeare.
Die-hard dieselists can find out more here.

- Amazosan

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