22 July 2015

T.W.O. - Honda NX650 Motorpsycho by Basic Garage & Keiichi Tanaami

This bike has been built in Milan to celebrate sunglasses manufacturer Retrosuperfuture's Spring/Summer 2014 Motorpsycho collection. Conceived by Retrosuperfuture, designed and built by Basic Garage, and pinstriped by Keiichi Tanaami, a legendary Japanese artist.
Tanaami, born in 1936 in Tokyo, is one of the most appreciated Japanese post-war pop artists, whose psychedelic, ultra-colored, artwork have received international acclaim.
Basic Garage’s craftsmen have built and equipped this Honda NX650 Dominator with steel grills on the front and side of the bike, custom-made black chicken leg-skin for the seat, custom aluminium side panels, black steel braided brake lines, and the psychedelic skeletal drawings by Tanaami.

- Mr Fabulous

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