13 July 2015

VW Golf Crew Cab Pickup - Rabbit On The Rack

At The Amazo Effect, we like to feature vehicles that are a little different and challenge established parameters of what is considered 'canon' in the modified scene. A 4BT-powred Susziku SJ410? Check. a BMW-powered 105E Anglia hot rod? Oh hell yeah check. A stretched, 'bagged, crew cab Golf pick up? Uh-huh...
For some reason that escapes me, this come up on an eBay search for Nakamichi tape decks; it's an '83 Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf to non-Americans) pickup that has been heavily modified, to say the least. The wheelbase has been stretched 12" behind the doors and an amalgamation  of stretched cab roof and hatchback rear end fills the void behind the bed. It takes some getting used to, looks wise, but the fun doesn't stop there; as if airbag suspension wasn't enough to get this rabbit sniffing tarmac, the strut towers have been raised by 2 & 1/2" and reinforced to give the truck a lower resting position when all air is out of the bags. The pumps live in the bed along with the battery and an 8 gallon fuel cell, as underneath is full of airbags, a four-linked rear and all the chassis reinforcement you would expect and hope for.
Stopping right there would have been enough for most folk, but he then did the fun things that seem easy in comparison with creating this frankenbunny; door handles are shaved with good ol' solenoid opening, the tilt forward bonnet is due to custom-built hinges, the all metal bed cover built from scratch too and a rolled rear valance to compliment it.
Engine-wise, its still running the 1.5 litre diesel it left Wolfsburg with, so it sure ain't challenging any G60s or VR6s anytime soon. But that really isn't a hindrance; I'm sure that if I was driving it, I'd want as many people as possible to see me coming.
Lets face it, you sure won't be seeing another like this anytime soon.

- Amazosan

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