12 April 2011

Jag XJR-powered Morris 14. You Heard Me Right...

Not too much info on this; it was at the PPC BMW E21 photoshoot last Friday (more to come on that). It was a car that had been sitting in in a barn for about 30 years before the owner dragged it out  four years ago and started... modifying it. Power comes from a supercharged 4 litre AJ6 lump from an XJR6, so that means at least 300bhp, more than the XK engine it had a few years back and a helluva  lot more than the 41 bhp it originally left William Morris' factory with.
There's only about 12 left in the world, so when the owner went to the owner's club, gave them the good news that he'd found another one, but then showed them the car...
I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of that room.

Those coiled pieces of copper wire are there to help the oil cooling; don't they look so period?

Is anyone else thinking it looks like a Legends Racer's bigger brother?

Off it goes, no doubt to terrorise another Darby & Joan meeting. Mwah ha ha.

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