15 April 2011

The Magnificent Seven E21s

Mark Brown, head of the E21 register for the BMW Car Club in the UK and tireless flag-waver for The Forgotten BMW, persuaded Practical performance Car Magazine to create an E21 feature for an upcoming issue. It took place at Raydon airfield in Suffolk and despite the long drive to get there for most, we all didn't need to be asked twice...  

Photos courtesy of M3Gaz and Wizor on the E21.net forum.

A little stopover and some benchracing in a petrol station before the start.

This was as near as you could get before it would bite...
And yes it does race, very well too.

"It's getting hot in here..."[/Nelly]

Insert grassy knoll comment of your choice.

Perfect weather, perfect location. Felt a little sorry for the guys that wanted to come but were stuck in work.

"I'm ready for my closeup, director..."

E21 doff their caps for the camera.

Got stretch?

M50 engine. Bloody quick.

Don't be deceived by the Millennium Falcon demenour; another M50 transplant, another bloody quick car. So much so, it nommed one of it's driveshafts and still did a one wheel wheelspin out the exit when he went home!

Alpina-inspired replica is damn near perfect.


Photo opportunities were rife that day. Well, it was a photoshoot...
Incidentally, this is my one. A little weather-beaten compared to some of the cars that day, but still a lovely car.
And yes, I will be starting my E21meister page very soon...

"How do we get out? It's guarding the exit..."

Road & Track - E21 style.

Looking forward to the feature.

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