6 April 2011

Slo-touring Buick Century

I have GOT to stop looking at Hot Rod magazine's website. And Car Craft's, Lowrider's, Mini-truck's...
Y'see, I've got well into the hang of this blogging lark. It's addictve, so much so that I've got a ton of stuff patiently waiting it's turn to come on this 'ere blog, then I go and have a peruse on the above sites just for fits and giggles, mouse in one hand, cup of Joe in the other and I see a car that I simply must share with you. Case in point below:

A 1977 Buick Century. Totally standard except for paint, wheels a little lowering and a mild 455ci big block. Who needs Pro-Touring when Slo-Touring looks this good?

By jingo it looks so reet! I suddenly want one, very badly. Like searching on eBay badly...

A little more info here.

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