9 December 2011

1985 Toyota Levin GT - Scrapheap Challenge

The AE86 Toyota Levin (Corolla to us Brits). A car of such cult status that has sent values through the roof, which combined with high attrition rates due to the drifting and time attack brigade munching through a fair few examples, has conspired to make finding a ideal paradigm near-impossible.
Kazumi Nakamura. A man not so easily deterred from attaining AE86 nirvana. As founder of  '86' specialist Custom Garage Speed (original name, that), it wouldn't do for him not to have an ultimate example of the breed. Starting with a $600 bargain as base material, he's massaged this Levin to heavenly heights of perfection, from the breathed-on 4A-GE powerplant, to those achingly cool Panasport rims wrapped by his company's N3 wide arch kit, to the hard as nails interior and the tons of detailing. This AE86 has made me an avid fan of the model, from being the fence-sitter I once was.
Roll over for this Corolla here.

Kazumi Nakamura  - the Edd China of the far east?

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