16 December 2011

Hot Rod Racing - The British Kind

After the modern-day hot rod racers we featured back in October, it was high time we paid some respect to some of the cars that helped put the discipline on the map back in the 1970s. Many a happy Saturday afternoon was spent by the (ahem) older members of the 'effect watching hot rod racing on World Of Sport, and looking at some of the cars, its easy to see how the look of them has helped influence the look of the scene afterwards, especially the old Ford cars. We will be expanding the subject in due course, but in the meantime break out the egg nog and marvel in the spectacle of 1970s Hot Rod World Finals. Theres a  treasure trove of hot rod racing footage on YouTube, thought you might like a gander.

Hot Rod World Final 1974:






Of course, you meantion hot rod racing to the fanboys, and three numbers usually crop up in conversation:

351 (Barry Lee)

306 (George Polley)

19 (Mick Collard)


  1. Hi chaps.
    Not 100% sure what a blog does!!
    However since you have used a couple of my Barry Lee pictures I thought you might like to know that "Fotopic" went bust about a year ago. My racing nostalgia pictures are now at http://www.flickr.com/photos/keith_duke/collections/72157626133476107/

  2. Hi 'Dukey' mega thanks for the use of your pics on our lil' ol' blog; if it's OK with you I'd like to use some more in future (with acknowledgements of course); great pic collection.