6 December 2011

T.W.O. - Kaffeemaschine Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer

A German custom motorbike builder, working on an Italian Moto Guzzi, for an English customer.
Now thats an international affair and things can’t get any better then this amazing cafe racer ‘Maschine 3’by Kaffemaschine.
The build started with an old donor T3 California which was heavily modified to become what it is today.

For the uninitiated, the Moto Guzzi California (aka Cali) was manufactured by the Italian company Moto Guzzi. At its introduction, the California was part of a trio of motorcycles that included the Special, California and Ambassador and was based on a model sold to the Los Angeles police department.

The stock standard T3 California was a bit on the chunky side, so Kaffemaschine's Axel Budde put it on the treadmill to drop its size; 3kg of unnecessary metal were lost from the frame, dropping it down in total to 181kg. The beautiful V-Twin, the heart of any Guzzi went through some surgery and was modified to 850 Le Mans specs, pumping 76 bhp out of this beauty and while he was in the Le Mans parts bin, he also added the modified front forks for good measure.

On this Cafe Racer every thing was hand crafted by Budde, even the aftermarket parts were modfied to match the theme of this bike. To simplfy the look and to keep the styklistic purity, Budde wired up the minimal electrical system built in to the single Motogadget rev counter, electronic ignition and Dyna coils.
It’s amazing to see how far the old stock standard T3 California has come, the Maschine 3 is a true beauty and finds its way onto my Christmas list. Oh Saaaanta...

Studio pictures are nice, but this is one beast that to me is best seen in a 'real' setting:

Ooohh, nekkid!

Who is that masked man? Not me, unfortunately

Custom vs. standard? Either way, you're onto a winner. Lets all play nice now.

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