17 October 2011

Street Life: Fast Food & Hot Rods

Interesting cars can pop up at the most unusual of times, in the most unlikely places. Like the car park at McDonalds in Denham. I made an early start to get to The Bunker (the top secret Amazo workshops, cunningly disguised as old sheds), so bought some breakfast on the way. (yes, it's a Mcdonalds. I'm not proud, I was hungry...)
Well there I was, eating my double sausage and egg muffin, drinking my coffee and replaying the events of that August Bank Holiday weekend (and how to slam my Peugeot 107 hire car), when a Hot Rod pulls up in the car park. Not a Duece or T-bucket mind, but the British kind:

For those of you that remember Hot Rod racing from old World Of Sport footage, let me be the one to inform you that the sport is alive and well and being practiced with more modern machinery, like this Corsa:

Deep dished Minilites. Phwoar.

No idea what the engine is in this one, but most Hot Rods runs good ol' Pinto lumps, hence RWD:

While I was popping my eyeballs back in my head, his mate turns up in a similarly tasty Vauxhall Nova:

Didn't get a chance to chat to the owners, but I'm pretty sure that both of these tuff little motors run in Spedeworth Motorsport's 2-litre Hot Rod class.

To give a little more background on how Spedeworth work:
Spedeworth Motorsport are the UK's biggest Short Oval racing promotion, racing at an impressive group of purpose built stadiums around England. Our current raceways can be found at Aldershot, Wimbledon and Eastbourne in the South, and Ipswich and Great Yarmouth in East Anglia. Spedeworth also promotes alongside its sister company Incarace at the super fast Hednesford Hills banked oval, Northampton and Birmingham Wheels.
Hot Rod racing has slipped into obscurity since it's golden age in the 70's & 80's, but still looks like the sort of
wheeled action I can relate to.  
More on Spedeworths' championships here, and the National Hot Rod Racing World Series here.

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