5 October 2011

Street Life: Caught By The Germanics

After a - ahem - long lunch in The Approach Tavern one August day with some delightful Belgian fruit beers (hic) , I find the classic car fairy had work her magic in the adjoining street:

A BMW New Class, to give it it's correct birth name. The 2002 to most folk. This is what had me perusing Google later on when I found this:

Tii - that means Kugelfischer indirect mechanical fuel injection, 130bhp, 131lb/ft of torque, 0-60 in 9.4 seconds and 118mph. Good figures for 1973.

These alloys came as standard on the Tii; not to be confused with the similar Cromadora wheels.

Hope he has spare keys to this; I've got one of these and had to cut down a blank, as no locksmith had a key that small. A bit of a bugger when you're trying to fill 'er up and your key bends in the lock...

The owners club. Hmmm... #bites tongue#

And just when I'd had my fill of the hot mustard number from Munich, a jealous Frauline from Stuttgart clicked her stilettos together and demanded my immediate attention:

Mercedes-Benz W111 220SE, with the 2.2 straight-6; not to be confused with the W112 with the larger 3.0 litre engine:

Why don't modern Mercs have grills like this anymore? You get run over by this car, you'll be picking out grill fragments from your teeth for weeks.

Strictly speaking, a 'fintail' Merc, but by the 60's the fins were decidedly muted.

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