28 October 2011

Illtech Auto Salon's Carbon NSX

Ayrton Senna helped develop the handling of the Honda NSX, a car of such pure driving ability probably because of the input of Beco himself. It can be argued by some that because of this, the car can not be bettered, nor should people try, as if Senna himself would take umbrage at such an act.
Well, seeing that he was a trailblazer, a limit breaker, an envelope pusher, I'd bet Brazilian Real that he'd approve of people who do take the New Sportscar eXperimental to new heights.
ILLTech Auto Salon, located in beautiful downtown Tacoma, Washington, specialise in taking 'ordinary' performance cars and adding that certain não sei que to cars such as the Nissan GTR, Porsche 996TT, BMW M3, Toyota Supra - and Honda NSX. Aluminium too heavy for you sir? Lets cut those unsightly ounces by clothing your NSX in carbon fibre, with some butch restyling thrown in for good measure. I can find little info about engine or running gear spec, but methinks it has the esferas  to back up the looks.
It can be argued that the standard NSX looks a little dainty for some, but I don't foresee any Porsches kicking sand in this car's face.

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