10 October 2011

German Car Night, Ace Cafe, 3rd October

Got a chance to pop into October's German Car Night at the Ace Cafe in London; probably the last good turnout before the weather changes.

Interesting story behind this E30; it's a 3-owner, late '83 323i (with the E21 M20B23 engine, but on L-Jet); the first two owners were caring old souls that spent a ton of money on maintenance. The second owner put the car into the local BMW specialist for an autobox rebuild, but then sadly passed away days later.  The widow wanted nothing to do with the car, so it spent NINE years under a tree in their backyard, gearbox-less and forlorn, until they sold it to an enthusiast who recomissioned it and put a manual 'box in. It's only done 70K miles and has plenty of life in it, judging by the rolling burnout he did on leaving...

The three ages of E30:

Super sano 325i. It was a day for E30s.

It gets dark real quick at Ace Corner...

...told you.

Only the two E21s this month, both were great but this was my favourite of the two:

Lurrrve the wheels on this E28 M535i:

One of the critiscms I have of 'German' Car Night is not enough Mercs. These two R126 SL's gamely kept up the M-B side of the divide:

VAG cars have their own night, which meant this bike carb equipped Audi 50 (a model that was introduced before it's MKI VW Polo doppelganger) was left on the pavement like a pork chop outside a Jewish butchers.
Will look good when it's finished.

Monday Night's all right for crusin'...

I know this Alpina B6 3.5 of old; familiarity doesn't diminish it's aura:

And still the E30s came:

Another regular: an E46 M3 CSL. Yum.

E38 7er looked the tits in satin black and US-spec bootlid; was for sale at £4K:

The E21/E30 divide...

And lastly: the owner of this E88 paid top dollar for this car.
He won it in a raffle - and paid just £1 for the ticket...

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  1. the e30 silver one looks mint original so much better !!!!