11 October 2011

T.W.O. - Russell Mitchell's Pure Sex Dragster

Thought that title would get your attention.

What can a bike builder - or rider for that matter - do to make his bike stand out amongst a sea of wild paint and chrome? How about Flat black paint and brushed aluminium!
Meet Russell Mitchell British Expat and his self-proclaimed "bastard child of the motorcycle industry" - Exile Cycles.
Although the flat black "Rat Bike" bobber is fairly common place now, it was an anomaly a decade or so ago when Exile was just entering the custom bike scene. But Russell Mitchell's styling is so much more than just flat black paint; it's hardcore industrial taken to an extreme: low slung, fat, not mean but definitely no-nonsense. And no-one on the other side of the Pond was putting clip-on handlebars on choppers until our Russ did it. His signature look has permeated through America's chopper industry and established him amongst their bike-building
The Pure Sex Dragster started out as a entrant for an episode of Biker Build-Off, but inundated Mitchell with so many queries from parties interested in buying one, he put it into production. You can buy them ready built or in kit form.

Become a Pure Sex God (and see some more Exiles bike porn) here.

And you can't have a Pure Sex Dragster without appropriately dressed - ahem - riders...

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