24 October 2011

No Wattage Required - Toyota 2JZ Powered DeLorean

No doubt you've heard about the Electric DeLoreans doing the rounds of the web; the Dave Delman
homebrew conversion and the official DMCEV project due to launch in 2013. While the idea of 'leccy power suits the image ofthe DeLorean DMC-12 down to the ground; we here in Amazo Towers think that not enough people have considered good ol' fossil fuel burning engine transplants in place of the anemic 130bhp (U.S.market) PRV 'Douvrin' lump.
An exception being this guy.
Eddie Ghesquiere has shoehorned a Toyota 2JZ-GTE straight-six from a MKIV Supra into the shiny rear end of John Z's finest. The 2JZ is currently putting out 392bhp and 368 lb/ft on 15 psi of boost, but the owner says it’s plenty fast enough for him. Eddies's ran several mid-12 second passes prior to installing a Quaife differential, to complement the standard DeLorean gearbox (the earlier 369 form of the unbiquitous Renault UN1 transmission) but the standard clutch was the weak point; he approached ACT to supply a clutch that would do a much better job of putting power to tarmac. Being a 2JZ, it wouldn't take much more effort to wring 500-600 bhp. A full build thread exists on Supraforums, but you will need to be a member.

Roads? The way that car goes, it probably runs out of road...

'You looking at me?' he said, pricking an ear...
Just for reference, the PRV (Peugeot Renault Volvo) V6 that was taken  out of this DMC-12 had already been turbo'ed and was pushing out close to 300bhp

And to all the people that were thinking 'What about the BTTF jokes?'; award yourself this:

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