19 October 2011

1966 Bertone Jaguar FT

1966, the year of the Miura, also saw Nuccio Bertone fully occupied on other fronts. The Geneva Motor Show featured the presentation of two interesting new prototypes, one of which was the Jaguar 3.8 FT.
The Italian Jaguar importer Ferruchio Tarchini (hence the 'FT') commissioned Bertone to build a 4-seater coupé based on the S-Type 3.8, to put on their stand during the 1966 Geneva Motor Show.
The main aim of the project was to come up with a line destined to be sold through the Jaguar sales network both in Italy and abroad, and to this end the considerable demands of the typical Jaguar client - traditionally very faithful to the brand - and the specific type of car usually produced, were kept in mind.

As a consequence, Bertone worked with the idea of creating a classic design with original lights and roof, and the result is a design which I personally feel that while pleasing to the eye (and more than a little reminiscent of the Rolls-Royce Carmargue and Bertone BMW 2002ti), it doesn't say 'Jaguar' to me on any level. Still a pretty car, if a bit frumpy when you consider the other CoupĂ© that Jaguar had in their line-up in the 60's...

Initially it was planned to distribute this car through the Jaguar sale organisation in Italy and abroad, but in the end production was limited to just the prototype. That Geneva show car is still the property of the Tarchini family, and as mentioned, thought to be the only one.

Until classic car speciliast Albion Cars came across another FT. This car is based on a Jaguar 420 platform, and according to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage certificate, supplied as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) car, to be assembled in Italy with the Bertone bodywork. Coventry supplied 7 of these cars to Bertone, but this was the first and last one they produced. It was delivered to a rich customer in Madrid, and stayed there until Albion found it in a corner of an old garage building. The car is in very original condition, and apparantly needs some TLC.
Price? On Request...
In case you're wondering; I would.

Original advert here.

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