12 October 2011

Chuco’s ’66 Ford Fairlane 500 - A Ford With Flair

When you think of a lowrider based on a 60's American car, its almost a dead cert you'll think of an early 60's Chevy Impala. So the sight of a tricked-out '66 Fairlane 500 while welcome, is a rare one to say the least.
The owner, Wilson 'Chuco' Rivas, was given this car by his father, Juan Francisco 'Paquito' Rivas, at age 14; they slowly rebuilt it as a father & son project, slowly bringing the non-runner back to life. Sadly Rivas Sr. was involved in a fatal car accident before the completed car saw the light of day; the hand stitched dedication on the rear bench a reminder to Rivas Jr. of the labour of love this car was to both of them.
More here.

No Lowrider feature car  would be complete without a scantily-clad Woman draped upon it. The models' name is  CJ Sparxx.
An appropriate name, as they're flying right now in Amazo Towers...

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