17 October 2012

Digging In The Crates: Bob Baxter's V8-powered Imp

The definitions of the word 'Imp' are various; a mischievous child, a small demon, even a child of the devil. All of those monikers could apply to the car below; a Hillman Imp Californian (the Hillman-branded version of the Singer Chamois/Sunbeam Stiletto), with a mid-mounted Rover V8. Imps are often shown as small and not very attractive creatures; not a problem when you have this car's grunt and F3-inspired suspension to back it up.
The list of components used in the running gear sounds like a Halfords/scrapyard stock list, circa 1980 - Sunbeam Rapier silencers, Standard Vanguard radiator with Simca fans, VW Variant transmission, Triumph Herald springs; while they were off-the-shelf parts then, no doubt 'the kids' now would call this evil Imp old school through and through.
We'd love someone to recreate this car, the use of a Rover V8 and old drivetrain components is entirely optional. Personally we'd shove a 4.4 litre BMW V8 in one, clamp on a brace of turbos and watch as Amazo-san's hair turns white overnight from a drive round the block.

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