19 October 2012

DP 911 - Kreidebleich Blitzschnell

I like to kid myself that I don't like the Porsche 911 concept. They've got the wrong engine, it's mounted in the wrong place, older ones have 'challenging' handling, they're derived from a Beetle blah blah yakkety schmackety...
But in reality, it's a imperfect concept that has been honed, tuned, massaged, tweaked and teased over the years into perfection. Well, perfection within the imperfect concept anyway, if that makes sense.
Taking that idea of imperfect perfection, German tuning company DP Motorsport have retrofitted a 1973 911 to lightweight specification.
How lightweight? Try a complete carbonfibre body. As in everything;  bumpers, engine cover, wings, doors, even the whale tail have all been replaced with the lightweight weave, while the windows and light covers have all been ditched in favour of lightweight perspex. The result?  A 1,918lb kerb weight against 2,380 - 2,943 lbs in standard trim.
But that's only half of the story. DP has mixed and matched components from the best of the classic 911 line, fitting a 310 bhp 3.6 flat six from the 993, fuelled, perhaps surprisingly, by carburettors, fitted to a  Porsche G50 transaxle. There's those gorgeous 16" Fuchs wheels on coilover suspension with adjustable antil-roll bars, with the Weissach parts bin pillaged once more for the brakes, from a 964-shape 911.
The interior? Well there's not much of it, with a full roll cage contrasting against black alcantara bucket seats and dash top. The doors have been completely gutted of their heavy window mechanisms to in the quest for ultimate lightness, replaced by more of that perspex, with racer-style sliding vents, handy for when you need to pay uour entrance fee into the Nordschleife. The result may be minimalist, but it does look 'right', to my eyes.
I still don't like 911s. Don't like that I can't afford most of them...
- Amazosan

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