5 October 2012

Saab 92H & 92HK - The Caravans Of Love

The 92H (the blue & white one) was built by Torsten Johannesson in 1963; not content with a mere Toppola conversion it seems, he built this Swedish oddball over the running gear of a Saab 92. Not the ideal base for an caravan I think you'd agree, because even with lightweight wood and aluminium construction, all that additional weight over the driving wheels meant that 25bhp of throbbing two-stroke was never going to last long. Once the engine expired, it was converted into a static hunting lodge.
Based on Johannesson's experience with the 92H, he built a second car  van caravan, this time on a Saab 95, which he coined the 95HK; initially with that car's 40bhp two-stroke, but was later converted to a the 65bhp V4 from the later 95 model. Saab themselves showed a lot of interest in his caravan, but nothing came of it; perhaps it was seen as a competitor to their own Saabo Husvagn.
It faded into obscurity, until several decades later the HK came up for auction. This caught Claes Johansson's interest, and through that auction, he also stumbled across the 92H, so it seemed only fitting that he buy them both.

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And in it's restored glory:

'Who are YOU looking at?'

And now, the 92HK:

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