1 October 2012

Gene Winfield's Personal Junk Yard

From Troy Paiva's superb Lost America collection; he has been creating light painted night photography in abandoned locations and junkyards across America since 1989. He tackles a variety of subjects, but this is the one that caught my eye: the great Gene Winfield's workshop and back lot, replete with half-finished projects. Seems Mr Winfield is more like 'us' than we realised.
"Gene Winfield has been making custom cars and hot rods for private collectors, dry lakes racing and the movie industry since 1947.
He moved his LA-based shop out to the high desert around the turn of the century so he could have as much room, and make as much noise as he wanted to.
His team of seasoned old pros and young apprentices are so passionate they work deep into the night, every night.
Behind the bustling shop is Gene's own private junkyard filled with half finished project cars and movie props.
Some multi-exposure compositing, contrast adjustments and minor cloning on some of these, but the lighting FX and color are all done in-camera. These are not Photoshop creations."

More info about the pics here, and check out the rest of Troy Paiva's work here and here. Enjoy.

We dread to think what the boot of this Metropolitan is full of...
"A new toy! Can I play?"

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