5 December 2012

1953 Studebaker Champion Coupé - Starlight Empress

Good things come to those who wait; an adage that applies to the owner of this Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupé. She stalked the car for years when it was then in the possession of someone else, then when she was eventually able to buy it, her car-building husband was so busy with work, it patiently waited a while more for him to sprinkle his magic dust to turn the staid Stude into a stunning one.
A subtle 1 & 1/2" front roof chop plus a myriad of subtle tweaks, tucks and trim changes with Chevy and Olds parts added to this South Bend salmagundi.
Rod & Custom magazine call it a sublime Stude; who are we to argue with them? We've been staring at the pics for hours, maws slightly agape, with an occasional break to wipe away the drool.
Get the Studebaker shakes here.

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