17 December 2012

The Art Of Peter Hutton

In this era of high definition digital photography  with pictures that capture every little detail, there should be no room for automotive illustrators right? Well not for me; there’s something so compelling about auto illustration that rides the line between realism and fantasy. It’s part impressionist, part cartoonish, part technical illustration. And Peter Hutton's work incorporates all of the above. Those of you old enough to remember the great Bob Freeman's work are no doubt seeing a lot of his influence in Hutton's style: the vibrancy of the colour and the freehand form of the lines give a personal, crafted feel.
But the cutaways and mechanical detail is so very precise that it exhibits the best artistry of technical illustration, like a Vic Berris or Terry Davey. Coupled with the explanatory passages about the car (another tip of the hat to Bob Freeman), these pieces would turn any garage into an art gallery. Really amazing stuff.
These and more available from here, along with a short biography of his career; his work may be pricey for some, but it sure looks worth it.

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