28 December 2012

Lamborghini Countach Turbo S - Follia Turbo!

*Originally published 30/8/2011.

The Lamborghini Countach Turbo S.
Only two examples were built by the Lamborghini factory, one of which was a prototype. Apparently the prototype is either lost or doesn't exist anymore, which makes this car one of a kind. It doesn't seem to be the only turbo'ed 'tach in existence though; there was a Turbo kit from Koenig if I'm remember correctly, but I'm not sure any car was fitted with the kit other than Koenig's demonstrator..
One of these kits had been for sale some months ago. There were also two turbo cars converted by Bob Wallace (ex-Lambo engineer and test driver) in the USA. Al Mardikian apparently had two cars equipped with turbos too.
Who built what might be a little bit of a mystery, but this 'blown Countach is very real.

The 4.8 litre V12 with twin turbos (and six Weber carburettors!) had a power output of 748bhp and a stump-pulling 646lb/ft of torque. It managed to do 0-62mph (0-100kph) in 3.7 seconds and kept going all the way up to nearly 207mph (333 km/h).

Next to the the steering wheel there is a turbo adjuster. It could be manually turned to boost the turbo from 0.7 bar to 1.5 bar at which the engine performed its maximum power output.

Both this car and the lost prototype were built in 1984. This one was bought by a Danish guy who kept it in the garage among his Ferrari collection. It only had done 9,000 km when it was found by the plasterer Dietmar Götz who bought it and took best care of the car. It was thereafter found by an accordion teacher who I think owns the car today.

The Countach rolls on 15" wheels;  255/45 front and 345/35 for the the rear.

the speedo goes to 425 km/h. That's just over 264mph. Gulp.

L-R: LP 5000 QV with 455bhp, the Turbo S with 748bhp and the LP 400 with 375bhp:

Chilling with a Grandkid; the old man would still give a good account of himself against the Reventon:

What you don't see is the crowds of people running for cover from the raging bulls patrolling the street; I suggest you two run while you still can..!

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