26 December 2012

Blue Devil vs. Blue Angel

*Originally published 3/10/2011.

638bhp of supercharged V8 grunt vs. 32,000lbs of afterburner-fed thrust. A fair contest? hardly, but who cares when you get a photo opportunity like this. Editor-At-Large Arthur St.Antoine of Motor Trend magazine took the Chevy Corvette ZR-1 to the U.S. Navy's primary flight-training centre, Air Station Pensacola in Florida to see if the 'Blue Devil' (GM's nickname for the ZR-1) could lock horns with a Blue Angel, one of the planes used in the U.S. airforce's demonstration team.

Be a Maverick and take the Highway To The Danger Zone, here.

And some action pics of the Blue Angels in action. I feel the need; the need for speed.

'Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav '

The graph tells the whole story. Sure wasn't Touched By An Angel, more like...

And a must-watch; the video from Motor Trend's YouTube site:

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