14 January 2013

1932 Ford 3-Window Coupé - Cranked To 11

This is a car that's been haunting me for the last month or so, ever since I first clapped eyes on it on the cover to Street Rodder's 2013 calender. It then popped up in the Prolong Cruise thread, just to thumb it's nose at me, but finally I managed to track more info down about it here, and naturally I wanted to share it with all y'all.
Make no bones about it, this car takes faux-patina to another level. Built with the remit that it look like a 60's creation pulled from a barn and freshened up, the car is actually based on a new body and torsion bar-sprung chassis, with a gamut of tricks applied to carefully ferment the look. Chip Foose (amongst a cast of others) had a lot of input, with treats like the air cleaners, those gorgeous wheels, the Electroline lamps, the clever interior and the Fender amp battery box.
It seems that it's not to the taste of some, because of it's #whispers# faux-patina; comments on a popular modified car forum like 'way too much of a mish-mash', 'it just looks daft', 'those wheels are truly bloody awful' amongst others. Who care what they think, this isn't just another identikit by-the-numbers hot rod with a period injection setup, steel wheels and the like; that's all been done to death time and time before and is missing the whole point of the car. It has the look of an old 60's/70's custom that was pulled out of a barn and given a few updates; if you start plonking steels, dynamos and injector stacks on it, you'll just end up with just another rodded '32. I'm glad that someone's strutting their own stuff.

This car will reverb (groan) with me for a long time. Probably about 12 months...

- Amazosan

Bass drum pedal. Heh.

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