24 January 2013

T.W.O. - The Self-Building Suzuki

It takes a lot of effort and patience to assemble any vehicle from scratch, be it a car or a bike. So to make a stop-motion film of a bike being built sounds like patience squared.
The video below was produced by one Noah Flangian and details his Dad's build-up of a Suzuki GSXR-1000 (in the livery of Kevin Schwantz's old Lucky Strike steed, natch); the fact that the film lasts less than 5 minutes belies the work that went into it. Using the time-honoured stop-motion techniques (as used by Ray Harryhausen and Nick park), it took Flangian 11 months and 30 hours worth of film to document the normally lifeless components come to life. Inspired choice of background music too; Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel - a clinic of stop-motion madness at it's finest.

The bike started first time too, apparently!

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