13 November 2013

1953 Studebaker Champion Coupe - From Tubs To Dubs

They say theres more than one way to skin a cat, although the cat tends to object to it, so I'm told. Now keeping to that macabre maxim, there also seems to be more than one way to customise a Studebaker. You may remember this beauty from a while back, but the Studebaker champion coupé isn't just a one-trick pony when it comes to being modified; in fact the particular car here is on it's second incarnation, having been a balls-out Pro-street car with a big-block Chevy motor. But once the engine decided to release it's internal components to the outside world, the car was given a Pro-Touring makeover, but with the big tubs at the rear retained for a lil' wrinkle on that well-established look, with 18 inch rims filling them out rather nicely. The car runs an 350ci LT1 small-block, and before anyone cries that the car has somehow been demoted by have a smaller engine under the bonnet, well seeing as it's from a '96 Pontiac Trans Am which in standard form has 295bhp, methinks that those big ol' skins at the rear have no problem getting lit up.
Go here, to get that champion feeling.

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