11 November 2013

Uxbridge Autoshow 2013

July 21st, Middlesex showground, Uxbridge.
A little late with the pics, but I think you will find it's worth it. Last year's show was cancelled due to flooded fields but the weather this time around was one for shorts, not soaking. Although there was a large OSF contingent, Uxbridge does have a habit of attracting some unusual automobiles and there were some oddballs in attendance.
More pictures here, if you're interested.

- Amazosan

Got Crabs?

Tara Green Metallic, just like my old Mini 1275GT. #sniff

Fabric bodied 1929 Rolls-Royce 20 HP 4 Light Sports Saloon:


 1936 Rolls Royce 25/30; 1201 made. Engine is a 4257cc 6-cylinder OHV engine, and came with a four speed gearbox and rode on a 132 inch wheelbase, and this one has Park Ward bodywork.

Red Transit-er, red Transit:

Crusty Farnham:

Hunter GT:

Standard Flying Fourteen. The 1,776 cc engine and transmission were also used in the Jaguar Mk IV:

1951 Lea-Francis 14HP Saloon:

"Marty, he's in a '46 Ford. We're in a DeLorean. He'd rip through us like we were tin foil."

Whats a Cosworth? Double.

Cougar in blue jeans. Mercury Cougar with the Midnight/Chamois Decor Option. Yeah, this is from the factory.



'36 Ford three-window with SBC had a recent Custom Car feature:

Pontiac Tempest:

This Falcon looks like its about to take flight:

A duet of Jowetts. By Jupiter!

Another Lea Francis 14HP, this one's the Sports version. The chassis was the same as the saloon, only a foot shorter:

The beautiful Tojeiro Bristol with Bristol's 6-cylinder 2-litre engine. The original car, (reg no. LOY 500) bodied in the style of a Ferrari 166 Mille Miglia, predated the AC Ace which itself then became the basis for the Cobra. I believe this one is a replica:

Lowered E23 on modern BMW rolling stock was just class:

We all know what a Jensen Interceptor looks like, but have you looked at the dash of a series 1 close up? EIGHT TRACK HEAVEN:

'34 Roadster is a former Street Machine feature car from the late 80's; she's got a little unwanted 'patina' but still looking good:


Phwoar. Again.

1953 Mercedes 170D; a rare RHD diesel version at that:

Taxi time; a French 1906 Unic:

1959 Beardmore paramount MKVII, powered by a contemporary Ford Consul engine:

And Austin FX3D:

Sunbeam Imp on Alleycats; ooh, ahh etc:

Seen this early K-G before; never fails to be photogenic:

Not a Jag or Merc. Bedford S-type and ML:

One-owner Sceptre:

Sunbeam Talbot 90 MKI convertible:

Ants on the grass:

The gold standard:

'Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard...'

Could have done with this last year:

Everyone (surely?) knows about the factory Le Mans Spitfire programme, but real ones are alitle out of reach for the average enthusiast. T6 Fabrications can make you a homage based on a Spit or GT6 chassis:

Check out the Flickr pics for these if you're interested in hot Perkins Diesel and tractor action:

They were negotiating a sale; I wanted to gazump the buyer:

Starlet with a Suzuki Hayabusa lump. Yumz.

Original, genuine, supersexy Series X RS2000. If I was to own a MKII, this would be it, preferably with a period Janspeed turbo kit. Oooooooooooooooooooooooof.

Two Ford campers, two totally different approaches:

Morris LD:

Solar panels on a 400E?

Of course, everyone knows Pininfarina got the inspiration for the Testarossa side strakes from a BL-era Scammel Routeman:


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