27 November 2013

Callaway 'Sledgehammer' Corvette - An Explosive C4

Peter Gabriel once sang 'let me be your sledgehammer, this will be my testimony'. Well, Reeves Callaway built this sledgehammer which has become his testimony; a 252mph testimony to how fast a 4th-generation Corvette can be pushed. The genesis of the Sledgehammer Corvette can be traced to another Callaway project, the 'Top Gun' Corvette that achieved a maximum speed of 231mph in a Car & Driver test, but Callaway felt that the Corvette was capable of more; not only in the way of a higher top speed, but also to improve day-to-day usability. That means air-con and a full stereo system. Oh, and the trifling matter of 898 bhp and 772lb/ft of torque, 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds and the 1/4 Mile in 10.6 seconds. It comes up for sale at auction in January. Just don't use it to crack nuts.
Full story here; its a cracking read.

- Amazosan

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