25 November 2013

Rover 827i Coupé - A (Gentle)Man's Best Friend

The Rover 800, a fallen star of the British motor industry in need of some old-school lovin'. Once hailed as the saviour of Rover, now near-forgotten by the mainstream and the enthusiast and rapidly nearing extinction; when was the last time you saw a pre-facelift Rover 800? The R17 (the facelift model) is faring a little better; helped by the poster boy of the 800 line, the Coupé. Every time I see one of these cars, I get the urge to scour eBay and buy one; I've fully-specced 820 turbos (and the Honda/Rover V6 models if you're really lucky) going for the price of a cheap flatscreen TV, which is not much in the way of Sterling (arf) for a car that to my mind has the junior-league Bentley thang sewn-up like a Barbour Putney Sportsquilt. Add a little altitude adjustment to the ride height, and I think the air of authority is complete.
More here, perversely from a German classic site; just add translation. And no, I'm not sure if the pictures are of two cars or it can change wheels at will.

- Amazosan

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