27 January 2014

1992 Honda Civic - Four-Wheel Firepower

It may look like just another boy racer Civic, but the approach to how it puts the power down to Mother earth is decidedly grown-up.
This EH2 Civic has over 600bhp under the bonnet from a Precision 6262 T4 turbocharged engine, a combination of Honda K24A block and K20A2 head, plus the right components to justify that turbo. Surely a recipe for smoky burnouts all the way down the 1/4 mile right? Wrong. BC Performance Nevada have fabricated a 4WD drivetrain using a CRV gearbox, diff and rear driveshafts plus a host of other trick parts to ensure that not one pony emanating from the engine is wasted.
I have to be honest and say I was never too big a fan of the EH2, or indeed a lot of the tuning ideas that have been applied to them over the years. This one however, is more in keeping with the ethos in which I'd build one.
More here; and more about BC performance here.

- Amazosan 

Since the article was written the car has gone faster; 9.268 @ 152mph. Holy Japanese quattro! It might have been the loser on the day, but thats still giant-killing performance.

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