13 January 2014

1962 AMC Rambler American - Scrambler

Ever seen a Rambler American before? You have now. The second generation (1961-1963) Rambler American was effectively a heavy restyle of the previous year's model, in itself a re-use of the Nash (later AMC) Rambler of 1950-1955. Talk about how to wring the most out of a product. Cash-strapped AMC were still using the flathead straight-six that could trace it's roots back to 1941 in the base versions of the Rambler American, but this lil' wanderer has a small-block Chevy under the bonnet. The car was a 58,000 mile, barn-find refugee and yes patina junkies, the paint and body are virtually unmolested. That interior has been given a light dusting of steampunk powder, but gosh darned if it works wonders for it.
Three January's in a row and I've managed to post an Nash/AMC feature without even realising it until now. Weird.
Enough rambling, more here.

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