15 January 2014

Land Rover ReDiscovery - Disco Rover

A six-wheeled Ranger Rover pick-up, which in and of itself would make for a worthy feature. But, look closely; Range Rover derived roof, Rangey back panels, C-pillars and rear window, but a Discovery nose, doors and looks like that distinctive Conran-designed Discovery dashboard. So how on earth do you 'combine' a classic Ranger Rover and a Land Rover Discovery? Well, a lot easier than you think; a quick glance under the bonnet soon reveals the RR lurking underneath a Disco. It uses the Range Rover's chassis and running gear, the screen and the doors, though reskinned, are the same as well. Now that you have this revelation laid upon you, I now have to let you down by saying that I know no more about the freaky-deaky sexy six above. I know, boo. Booo.
But before y'all run me out of town, let me show you another mutant Disco Rover.

This conversion has appeared in Land Rover Owner magazine twice, as a Strange Rover in December 1993 (no relation to this Strange Rover) and ReDiscovery in May 1998. I'm still looking for the issues in question to post the full scans, but you can pretty much tell where the RR stops and the Disco starts. Originally a Range Rover to start with, the rear and roof from a Discovery has been bolted on. The conversion seems so simple on paper, its a little surprising to me that more people haven't done it.
Do you remember thinking that you wish the Matra Rancho had come with 4WD? Well, the more I look at the ReDiscovery, the more it reminds me of one.

And for comparison, a standard Discovery Those RR genes really are just skin-deep.

- Amazosan

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