16 January 2014

T.W.O. - Honda CB350 ‘El Poquito’ By Benjie’s Café Racers

"The ‘El Poquito’ or ‘little one’, started out as a 1969 Honda CB350 twin runner with high bars, cracked intake boots and open straight pipe. 'The old CB350 leaked gas and oil every where, just like an old vintage classic bike.' says Benjie Flipprboi (of  Benjies Cafe Racers). 'Originally we were just going to make a café style seat and bars, paint it black, slap some checkered stripes on the tank and put café on the side covers and then call it café.' Says Benjie. Since it’s been done so many times, Benjie and his team decided to do something different with a bit more originality and go the extra mile, rather then just doing some small tweaking."
More here, via here.

 - Mr Fabulous

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