12 February 2014

Rolls-Royce Phantom - Bare Nessecities

You may have noticed a female presence in the posts this week; well don't fret if you aren't a fan of scantily-clad women with your automotive fetish, as this is a one-week a year thang we do as a tenuous link to Valentines day.
It also gives us a good excuse to post pictures of this Rolls-Royce Phantom. If you can muster up all of your self-control and look past the lovely Lucia Tovar, you'll see a Phantom owned by Diko Sulahian, the owner of WTW corporation, which designs and manufactures wheel brands such as Giovanna, GFG, Gianelle and G-Racing wheels. Their wheels have kept folks flustered and appeared in a slew of music videos, as well as celebrity-owned rides, so when it came to one of his own personal cars, it comes as no surprise that it rolls with his companies wheels. Diko decided to run with two different styles to provide two different looks - one more classy, and the other much more ominous. On the passenger side you'll find a set of blacked-out GFG Trento 7 rims with black centers while the driver's side flaunts Giovanna Gello wheels with optional black spoke caps. The wheels are all 10 inches wide and wrapped with 315/30/24 rubbers all around.
See? The more you look at the car, the less you notice Lucia. Oh go on then, you can drool now.

- Amazosan

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