10 February 2014

1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible - El Presidente

When a car looks this good from the factory, it needs little extra adornment, if any, to make it stand out. The car in question is a 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible, which has style on tap straight out of the door at the Wixom factory where it was made.
All that had been added to this black beauty is a full compliment of airbags and a four-linked rear end to get this Conti 'laying frame'. Even the 430ci MEL (Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln) V8 is left standard, not that its an engine lacking in power, with 315bhp as standard. Even the interior is standard, save for a retrim in leather and suede and the exterior having a mile-deep coat of PPG black.
Oh, and thats Ivette Flores adorning the car. We'll tolerate her presence...
More about the car here.

- Amazosan

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