21 February 2014

RIP Massimo Giordani

RIP Massimo Giordani.
You won't who he is, for he wasn't famous; he was a personal friend of mine for over twenty years and a man I considered a brother. he had charisma to burn, and could get a laugh out of even the stoniest of faces.
And as an Italian, he was not only a huge football fan (Lazio and Everton) but a MASSIVE F1 fan. Given that we were both Scuderia Ferrari and Michael Schumacher fans, we could go on for hours about the minutiae of Formula one, past and present. The latest aero package this, qualifying performances that, or even just goofing around the office making pretend engine sounds or doing Murray Walker impersonations. Its fair to say that no-one was on our level of communication when it came to F1, and now alas never will be.
Forza Scuderia Massimo. Lei non potrà mai, mai essere dimenticato.

- Amazosan

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