17 February 2014

Cars And Music: Rover 25/Life In Mono

Anyone remember this advert? I dread to think what the ad men were on in the year 2000 to connect a roulette wheel to a Rover; I suspect they were still hungover from new millennium celebrations, but you can't deny that its a memorable advert, greatly helped by the music choice.

The track in question is Life in Mono, by UK band Mono, which consisted of Siobhan de Maré and Martin Virgo. It was released on the band's first EP in 1996 which contained various remixes, most notably two by the Propellerheads. It was released again in 1997 on the band's only album, Formica Blues. As well as being used for the launch television advert for the then-new Rover 25, the song was used as the theme to the 1998 movie version of Great Expectations, reportedly chosen by lead actor Robert De Niro.

Now, there is a magazine version of the casino advert, but alas I can't find a copy of it yet, so to fill some space up, heres another Rover 25 advert from 2000, this time for the German market. Now the German ad agency went straight to the point; don't confuse people with cars driving around giant roulette wheels, get their attention with several pictures of womens cleavages and then show the car.
Now, I could translate the text of the advert, but I suspect though that you won't be concentrating on the prose...

- Amazosan

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