19 March 2014

Aston Martin V8 Vantage - The Mistress

It is proven scientific fact (honest) that the more you look at an Aston Martin V8, the more you want it. I can vouch for that, as the more I look at the pictures of this 1975 SIII Vantage, the more I try to figure out if selling all of my cars, my vinyl collection and probably my kids will procure enough funds to buy an absolutely spack example of the breed. Failing that, I could lower my sights a tad and buy a bit of a mongrel like Daniel Walford did and work hard to create a hard-as-picture-hangers car like his one we see here.
The 'mongrel' in question was a written-off 1975 example; now this would put off most of us, but Daniel persevered, squirrelling the car away until he had the parts needed to put the Aston back on the road. Now even without doing any research, I'm betting running an Aston isn't a cheap experience at the best of times, so our man has used some great ingenuity to use non-Aston parts: dipping into the British Leyland parts bin provided the suspension bushes (well poly versions anyway) along with BMW E36 M3 wheels bearings (via custom-fabricated stub axles) and Volvo 740 diesel front discs amongst other changes. Told you he was resourceful. Oh, and that supercharger nestled next to the Tadek Marek-designed V8 isn't connected. Yet.
Well, enough chatter. Seize the ad-vantage and go here for more detail. Then see if your Vantage wantage doesn't rise exponentially as a result.

- Amazosan

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