20 March 2014

T.W.O. - Deus Bali Yamaha SR400

'In Indonesia, custom motorcycle builders have to contend with unusually restrictive vehicle legislation. Imports are heavily regulated, and worse, the government generally limits the maximum engine size to 250 cc. So when the guys at Deus Bali heard about a beat-up Yamaha SR400 for sale, they snapped it up. They reckon it’s the only SR400 on the island, so they’ve given it the attention it deserves. That includes a full strip-down and rebuild, a light warm-up on the engine internals, and a Keihin FCR 33 carburetor hooked up to a custom Teflon-coated intake. The frame has been chopped, and a hand-made tank fitted, plus a new seat unit and mudguards. And the whole lot has been finished off with a lustrous deep maroon paint job. It’s perfect for any city locale, but even more so for Bali. “400 cc is about as big as you want to go in Bali,” say Deus. “It’s got the power, but is still light enough to chuck around and weave in traffic.” I’d be happy to ride this one anywhere.'

- Mr Fabulous (from Bike Exif)

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