31 March 2014

Datsun 610 Wagon - Low Loader

The word 'slammed'. Ugh. A word ironically used by the tabloid newspapers because 'criticise' is oh-so confusing to their readership, it's also morphed into cover-all word for seemingly any well-lowered car. It's also is an act practiced by some (not all) who just want attention for their efforts, at the expense of a properly engineered solution. Why? Any fool can buy a grinder and lop chunks off a set of coil springs, but lowering a car properly take a bit more effort.
This Datsun 610 started out with airbags, but now has coilovers (with the rear frame modified to suit); now its a bit low (and comedic) for my taste at the rear, but match that with the front ride height and the car would be perfect for me. And I suppose thats the thing with lowered cars; one mans 'slam' nirvana is another mans ride height purgatory. Do it right and don't make it dangerous to drive, chaps.
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- Amazosan

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