12 March 2014

Austin-Morris Day 2014

Words: Amazosan
Photos: Sosumi photography

Sunday, March 9, 2014, Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey.
The annual homage to Herbert & William's finest took place at the weekend; I won't insult your intelligence by telling you names of cars you're probably more familiar with than your own family, but there were some unusual cars on show.

The Morris Six MS on the right packed a Mercedes Ponton punch:

Lots of opportunities for period shots:

Cheeky Scamp:

Ahh, badge engineering:

The Historics@Brooklands Classic Car Auction was on Saturday, so there were a few gatecrasher to the Longbridge-Cowley love-in:

Yes, its a 500E. Yes, I want it:

Typical Alfa owner pose:

Only on a 2CV could a yellow vinyl interior be acceptable, nay desirable:

'You dreamed of a big star, he played a mean guitar, he always ate in the steak bar, he loved to drive in his Jaguar':

Someone ponied up the dough for this Massey Harris:

Very Darn Plush:

Mumford & Son:

1979 Mini 1100 Special Edition:

A trio of self-preserved Minis. A society, if you will:

Pop-eyed Morris 8 Series E:

Rare Unique Autocraft front on this Minor:

There were a few choice Series MM Minors out for the day:

Charming Princesses:

Including this pre-production Wolseley 18-22; number 15 built in June 1974:

Tran-European cousins. Serious want factor for the two early cars:

'Up yours, Nissan Leaf':

*breathes heavily*

'Dunno how he got in, but I'm sure I saw an oversize Groucho Marx mask in the boot'. To think this was a contemporary rival for the likes of the Morris 8 and Austin 7:

The remains of the original 1907-1939 Brooklands race track. Hallowed ground:

Off-tour, but still great. These were near the AC Heritage building:

And back round to the aviation museum:

More Minis:

Still keeping in the vague direction of Austin and Morris cars, heres the Bus museum:

AEC Regal Type IV:

1948 Guy Arab II; the company was later bought by Jaguar, hence the 'Big J' truck.

1952 AEC Regent III:

'What do you mean, I'm naked?'

1939 Leyland Cub CR16. Ahead of it's time; the engine was rear-mounted driving through a forward mounted gearbox and back to a de Dion rear axle:

1972 AEC Reliance:

BMC WF truck; the line amazingly was in production (as the WE/WF) from 1955-1981:

Watch carefully; a normal A40...

...and this beastie which is really an MX5 chassis and running gear with a Farina body on top:

The A55/A60/A99/A110/VDP dynasty;


...and fins...

...and fins...


Looking for all the world like it's rolled off the pages of Street Machine magazine, circa 1980:

Great duo of Morris J-Types:

1928 Morris Cowley; a better time machine than a DeLorean; could you tell this picture was taken in 2014?

Lovely Blubird motoplus J4 camper:

Austin heaven:

Now thats patina:

1935 Morris Ten-Six Sports Special with Cunard bodywork. Nothing to do with the cruise ship company, Cunard Coachworks was based in Acton, down the road from Park Royal vehicles which created among other things, the bodywork for the Routemaster bus:

1929 Austin Seven Swallow saloon; the origins of Jaguar:

And finally, the hillclimb. Now I've seen a diesel Maestro van go up Brooklands hillclimb slope, I can die happy:


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