2 March 2015

1950 Ford Coupe - '50 & Counting

Have you ever seen a standard 1950 Ford Custom Club Coupé? If you haven't, you will underestimate the huge amount of work that has gone into this particular car. Nearly every one of the custom tricks that get used on the '49-51 Mercury can be applied to the sister Ford; roof chops, channeling, sectioning, frenching, pancaked bonnets and boots, every combination of side trims, front lights, rear lights... The list is near endless. But this particular car has only a handful of tricks from that vast palette (as the article expands on), yet looks as great as a car where everything has been changed. The emphasis seems to have been on sharpening what was there to start with, and not detracting from what makes a '50 Ford, a '50 Ford. And thats a good thing, in my book.
Underneath is a different matter; more modern running gear has been substituted to make the shoebox a better fit for everyday driving but hey, 9-second quarters aren't what customs are about, right?

- Amazosan

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