4 March 2015

Diggin' In The Crates - 1970 Toyota Celica A20 Japan Brochure

I'll say it for you: ドリブル, or the nearest I can get to in English, wibble. Thats the reaction I had when I first saw the  big ol' box of Japanese car brochures I won on eBay recently (to put next to the other big boxes of car brochures I have, but hey). There is something about the way they lay out their car literature that makes me feel like a kid in a sweet shop; is it the multiple small images crammed onto one page, the moody looking action shots or seeing versions of regular UK-market Japanese cars that never made it to these shores? Eh, I'm gushing a little, but know this: enjoy the scans of this A20-series Toyota Celica brochure, theres a lot more stuff to come.

- Amazosan

An emergency flare as standard equipment? LIVING THE CELICA DREAM
Two of each please. And make 'em fresh 
Eight tracks and colour-coded bumpers? LIVING THE DREAM

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