27 March 2015

McLaren V8 powered '37 Chevy - Brucie Bonus

At first glance, stating that this is a Mclaren V8-powered car seems rather bizarre; after all it is a big-block Chevy engine, right? Surely it would be as incongruous than calling it a Pantera-powered car if it has a 351ci Cleveland engine from DeTomaso's finest?
Well not really; the engine (from a McLaren M8F Can-Am racer was originally built by Gary Knutson, engine builder supreme for McLaren at the time (he also worked for Chaparral and Carl Haas Racing, among others) and differed quite substantially from a standard big block Chevy; to go into detail as to how different is an article in itself, but suffice to say its a great base for a rod.
And lets not forget the car that mighty McLaren lump resides in; a 1937 Chevrolet Master Coupé that has had some great metalwork. A subtle top chop and wings that have been stretched, widened and sectioned every which way but loose ensure that the car itself is the main star of this attraction, and that 1962 Corvette interior ensures that the driver has a relaxing place to try out the 927bhp that the modernised MacRat is now pumping out.
Can-Am wait for more details? They're here.

- Amazosan

Buildup pics from 2007; only if you know what a standard 1937 Chevrolet Master Coupé looks like do you appreciate how much metalwork has gone into this car:

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